• “Friends of the Fair”
    Please help us continue a family tradition that started in 1868.
    How would you like to be listed as a “Friend of the Fair” on our website and in the Fairbook?
    It’s simple:
    Choose to be a friend for just $20 – or
    Be a Partner of the Fair for just $100
    Both will be listed on the website and in the

    As a partner in the Friends of the Fair you will be listed on the website, in the Fairbook, your name will appear at our annual auction/dinner in February plus you will get 2 tickets to the dinner.

    It takes a whole community to make the Fair possible in 2017. Thanks for your support.

    The Fair is a 501-c non profit organization.

    Cut off and mail back
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    2017 "Friends of the Fair"

    Bryant Thurston
    Buckeye Farm (Jug & Peggy Smith)
    Matt Hickey --- Ellen Shaver-Shank
    Ryan Deming --- Dakota Bodkin
    Kathryn McMillan --- Turk & Betty Burke
    Eric Stogdale --- Judy Forehand
    Dakota Bodkin --- Carole Craddock
    Alice Bodkin --- Cambridge Austin
    Tom Verga --- Kirk Propst

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  • Midway Wristbands

    Purchase Midway wristbands (for Tues., Wed. or Thursday) for only $25.00 and ride all rides with one wristband (per person)
    DISCOUNT TICKETS If purchased EARLY (before Monday, August 1st at 5pm) Midway wristbands may be purchased for $12.00 from the following places: Fair Office in Verona, Expo in Fishersville, Augusta Co-Op in Staunton, New Hope Grocery, Lyndhurst Grocery…Sleep On It –Waynesboro