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Meet the Fairboard

Executive Board

President: Kaitlyn Sonifrank

Vice President: Carole Craddock

Secretary: Betty Burke

Treasurer: Vanessa Proffitt

Board Members

John Benner

Alice Bodkin

Turk Burke

Ryan Deming

Peggy Smith

Kirk Propst

Richard Watts

Michelle Ruebush

Melissa Howell

Eric Stogdale

Colby Morris

Executive Director

 Ellen Shaver Shank



Every year, the Augusta County Fair brings the community together to highlight the county’s local agricultural industry, blending in fun, educational experiences, and modern entertainment. 


From livestock judging to acrobats, illusions, laser tag, and globally diverse cultures, everyone gets a bird’s eye view of the great big world while enjoying first-class entertainment.

Kids receive multicultural, interactive experiences and the ability to learn about the world without leaving the community! 


The Fair's educational events spark their imagination while teaching!

The Fair provides diverse family entertainment and supports the community and local businesses!


The Augusta County Fair works diligently to maintain affordable admission and high-quality entertainment so families can provide this experience to their children.

It is fun, fellowship, food, and a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones while learning something new!

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