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When Summer is Heating Up...

There's no better way to cool down than at the Augusta County Fair!

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Take A Look at This Year's Exciting Events!

From local agricultural shows to modern entertainment, the Augusta County Fair

brings the world to our community.

It's a once a year opportunity to see and experience events

you can't get anywhere else.


Love All Things Ag?

Celebrate our agricultural heritage! 


Watch as 4-H/FFA youth and local producers showcase and compete with their livestock and crop.


Saturday is an open show (not limited to students). Sheep breeders up and down the East Coast bring their livestock to compete.

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Is Speed More Your Game?

If you love big, fast, and loud, don’t miss the fair’s assortment of street and drag races, demolition derbies, truck and tractor pulls, and motocross races.


It’s heart pumping fun with a Rebel Yell! 

Luau Logan’s TroPIGal Revue


A one of a kind ag-based variety show!


  • An all original cast of Comedy Puppet Characters

  • Adorable live pigs and goats!

  • A unique and fun luau theme!


Luau Logan’s is an agricultural based, family friendly variety show that features comedy puppets and performing animals. Our family has been performing for over 60 years. Luau Logan's Tropigal Revue, is the newest addition to the “Pork Chop Revue,” family which has been entertaining and educating audiences since 1956. Luau Logan & The Tropigal Revue carry on these traditions with hilarious puppet characters as well as performing pigs and goats.

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Kenya Safari Acrobats

Pretty Bird Paradise

Pretty Bird Paradise is a fun and educational interactive-all-day attraction. Guests can actually interact with these beautiful birds in a safe enclosed environment.

Guests get the opportunity to feed the birds with food sticks which allow the birds to come and land on them and have a tasty snack.  This experience is open up to 12 hours per day.

Fun Fact: Most of the birds are rescue birds.


Boon Hill Gallery

Chainsaw Artist


If Speed is Your Game...

And We Haven't Even Mentioned...


  • Quilting and canning competitions 

  • Tractor Pulls

  • Beauty Pageant

  • Jackpot Shows

  • Dog Show

  • Gospel Night

  • Kids Fishing

  • Antique Car Show

  • Your favorite summer comfort foods!

  • Funnel cakes, barbeque….