Department 150 – MOTOCROSS

Sign-Up   7:00 – 10:00 am

Practice    11:00 am

Race    7:00 pm

Ÿ One moto format

Ÿ    2 class max per rider

Ÿ    NO PIT RIDING only to and from truck at walking pace

Ÿ    Must have numbers on bike that are visable for scorers

Ÿ    Rider must have helmet, goggles, long sleeves, long pants, gloves and boots  

      that go over the ankle.

Ÿ    ATV’s need nerf bars and tether switch

Ÿ    All minors need consent form signed by parents

Ÿ    Any questions contact:  Stacy Redifer   540 292-2631



50cc Pee Wee Stock 4-8 Years/50ccStock 4–6 Years/50cc Stock 7-8 Years/65cc 7-9 Yrs

65cc 10-11 Years/65cc 7-11 Years/85cc 12-15 Years/85cc 9-13 Years

Supermini 12-16 Years/schoolboy 12-16 Years/schoolboy II  12-16 Years

Girls 12-15 Years 1 12cc 2 stroke 75cc-1 50cc 4 stroke/Collegeboy 16-24 Years


Unlimited Ameteur B&C (one Class)   250A/250B/250C

Open A/Open B/Open C/Vet 25+/Vet 30+ B&C/Vet 35+/Senior 40+A/Senior 40+

Ameteur Senior 45+/Masters 50 +/Women’s Motorcycle 99-250cc 12 & up Years

ATV Classes

50CC Limited 4-8 Years ATV/50cc Production 6-8 Years ATV/70cc Production 6-11Yr

90cc Production ATV /Supermini 8-15 Years (71-105cc 2 Stroke & 75-125cc 4 stroke)

Schoolboy 13-15 Years ATV/Sport Quad/Open A ATV/Open B ATV/Open

C ATV/Vet 25 + ATV/Senior 40 – ATV Women’s ATV