Barn Chair- Eric Stogdale- 540-569-7176,

Assistant Barn Chair- Shows and Barns- Michael Stogdale

Assistant Barn Chair-Records and Forms- Morgan Slaven

Superintendents:  Beef:  Jamie and Bobbi Jo Wright- 540-292-7469

Sheep: Laura Beth Poole- 540-290-5850

Swine: Scott Buchanan- 540-241-0517

Goats: Steve Kyle- 540-292-8577

  1. All Entry forms are Due July 7, 2017. Late entry fees will apply to any forms postmarked after that date.
  2. All exhibitors are asked to help set up and tear down the livestock barns. Set up will begin Sunday July 30, 2017 at 7:00 AM.  Tear down will start Sunday August 6, 2017 at 7:00 AM.
  3. Exhibitors that assist with set up, will be allowed to move in tack Sunday after set up is complete.
  4. Health papers are required on all Livestock entered in the Augusta County Fair, except Market Animal Show Goats. Health papers must be checked by Barn Committee before unloading.
  5. Stalls/ Pens/ Tack areas must be clean and safe always, please keep alley ways open.
  6. Penning assignments will be made by the Barn Committee.
  7. Failure to clean pens, stalls, tack area and TIE OUT AREAS, will result in forfeiture of premiums.
  8. Livestock must be owned and registration papers transferred before August 1, 2017.
  9. The Barn Committee will remove any livestock that is unsafe, or deemed a health issue by our fair veterinarians, regardless of health paper status.
  10. Entries must be shown by the exhibitor, unless they have more than one entry in a class. Any other situation must be cleared with the Superintendent and Barn Chair before the show.
  11. Livestock will be released at 8:00 PM, Saturday August 5, 2017, unless permission is given by the Barn Chair.
  12. Any violations of rules, 4-H/ FFA Code of conduct, or unethical behavior will result in removal from fairgrounds. This will include inappropriate criticism of judges, barn committee members and general bad behavior.

Entry Forms

Showmanship ages for ALL SPECIES, as of September 30, 2017

Barn Schedule



7:00 AM Set up Barns
1:00 PM Move in Tack- If assited with set up
6:00 PM Barns Closed
Monday 31-Jul
9:00 AM Move in Tack
5:00 PM Move in Livestock
9:00 PM Barns Closed
Tuesday 1-Aug
7:00 AM Move in Livestock
9:00 AM Swine fitting Contest
11:00 AM All Hogs, Sheep and Cattle on Grounds
12:00 Noon Weigh Hogs
2:00 PM Weigh/ Check In Sheep
6:00 PM Swine Show
9:00 PM Cattle Tie Outs
11:00 PM Barns Closed
Wednesday 2-Aug
8:00 AM Sheep Fitting Contest
9:00 AM Weigh/ Check In Cattle
10:00 AM Breeding Sheep Show
4:00 PM Market Lamb Show Showmanship
8:00 PM Open Sheep Released
9:00 PM Cattle Tie Out
11:00 PM Barns Closed
Thursday 3-Aug
8:00 AM Cattle Fitting Contest
8:00 AM AM Goats Arrive
11:00 AM All Goats must have arrived
3:00 PM Weigh Goats
5:00 PM Beef Cattle Show
9:00 PM Cattle Tie Out
11:00 PM Barns Closed


Pee- Wee 8 and Under        Intermediate                12-15

Junior 9-11                    Senior                          16-19

Friday 4-Aug
8:00 AM Goat Fitting Contest
10:00 AM Breeding Goat Show
2:00 PM MAS Goat Show
4:00 PM Master Showmanship Interviews
6:00 PM Master Showmanship Shows
8:00 PM Release Livestock not entered in Jackpots
9:00 PM Cattle Tie Outs
11:00 PM Barns Close
Saturday 5-Aug
6:00 AM Jackpots Entries begin to Arrive
7:00 AM Scales open, Hogs weighing priority
9:00 AM Hog Jackpot
10:30 AM Cattle Jackpot – or after Hog Show ends
11:00 AM Scales Close for Jackpot
12:30 PM Goat Jackpot
2:30 PM Lamb Jackpot- or after Goat Show ends
5:30 PM Fair Awards Announced
6:00 PM MAS Goat Sale
8:00 PM ACF Livestock Release- after Goat Sale Concludes
11:00 PM Barns Close
Sunday 6-Aug
7:00 AM Barn Clean Up