How to Enter an Exhibit

How to fill out the entry form
(located in the center of catalog)

1. DEPT – write in the department number in the space provided.

2. DIV – write the division letter in the space provided. Division I – Youth Division II – Open/Adult Division III – Professional

3. SECT – write the proper section number in the space provided.

4. CLASS – write the proper class number in the space provided.

5. NAME OF EXHIBIT – please give the exhibit name in the space provided.

6. REGISTRATION NUMBER – provide the registration number of the animal if the animal is purebred.

7. BREED – specify the animal breed in the space provided.

8. SEX – please specify M (male) or F (female) in the space provided.

9. DATE OF BIRTH – please provide the date of birth in the space provided.

10. FLOCK NUMBER – sheep exhibitors must provide the appropriate flock number in the space provided.

11. ENTRY FEE – please record the correct entry fee for the class being offered.

When You’re Done

Complete the required appropriate exhibitor information (name, address, etc.) and send to the address indicated with the appropriate entry fees.

EXHIBITOR NUMBER – Each exhibitor will be assigned an exhibitor number by the Augusta County Fair. This number will be the exhibitors identification number throughout the fair for all exhibitors.

ENTRY TAG – Each exhibit will be given a two-part entry tag of which one part will be given to the exhibitor and the other part will remain with the exhibit. This tag will contain the exhibitor’s number, class number, entry name, and exhibitor name. This tag will identify exhibits while on the fairgrounds and the exhibitor must present the other half of the tag before the exhibit will be released.