Dept. 506      Jackpot Shows 2017

August 5, 2017- Augusta Expo, Fishersville, VA


Beef Cattle- Breeding Heifers- Market Beef (Steers or Heifers)

Swine- Breeding Gilts- Market Hogs (Barrows or Gilts)

Goats- Breeding Does- Market Goats (Does or Wethers)

Sheep- Breeding Ewe Lambs- Market Lambs (Ewes or Wethers)

Entry Fees- $15/ head postmarked by July 7th, $20 after


Champions- $300 Reserves- $150

Premiums- Over 100 head/ species- 1st-$20, 2nd-$18, 3rd-$15, 4th-$12, 5th-$10

Under 100 head/ species- 1st– 15, 2nd-12, 3rd-$10, 4th-$8, 5th-$5


Youth Exhibitors 19 and younger as of September 30, 2017

Each Exhibitor will receive 3 passes for Saturday Only.

Health Paper Required on all Livestock, and must be checked before unloading

Stalling and Pen space may be limited, you may show off your trailers if needed.

Wash rack space is limited, plan accordingly

Entries can be shown once- Breeding or Market- NO DOUBLE ENTRIES.

Any unethical actions will be cause for dismissal from the fairgrounds

Exhibitors responsible to be at entry gate when class goes in, when gate closes you are out.

Failure to clean stalls, tack/ fitting areas and areas around trailers will result in forfeiture of premiums

Exhibitors, parents and fitters must abide by 4-H and FFA Code of



Showmanship- $5 entry fee, Split 60/40, Guaranteed $30/ $20

Pee-Wee 8 and under as of September 30, 2017

Junior- 9-11

Intermediate- 12-13

Senior- 14-19