Department 603

Herdsmanship Competition

Judge: selected by species show Superintendents prior to Fair

Judging for the Herdsmanship Competition and award will be done daily throughout the show and will be done for beef cattle, swine, sheep goats and poultry.  Winners will be selected in each species.  Families will be considered as single exhibitors and not separated.  Sign up for the Herdsmanship Competition will not be necessary but exhibitors name and indication of animal ownership must be plainly visible in penning to be eligible.

□  Open to Augusta County youth only.

□  Winners declared prior to Supreme Showmanship Friday August. 5, 2016 in show ring.

Criteria for Herdsmanship Award

  1. Cleanliness of stall area.

Absence of trash in and around stall at all times.

Bedding in stalls is clean and fresh at all times.

Isles swept and clean in front of stall/pen area.

Equipment and feed neatly arranged and not blocking aisles or traffic.

  1. Individual signs, exhibits and decorations creative and descriptive.
  2. Evidence of animal cleanliness and attention.
  3. Educational display to inform public about animal agriculture


Awards: $50.00 per Species