Department 600-Master Showman Program-


  1. You must win Senior Showmanship in one Species ( Swine, Sheep, Beef Cattle, Goats) to be eligible. After winning Senior Showmanship you would be ineligible to compete again in that species.
  2. Eligible for as many years until you age out at 19.
  3. Rounds:
    1. Beef Showmanship
    2. Swine Showmanship
    3. Sheep Showmanship
    4. Goat Showmanship
    5. Animal Agriculture Interview
    6. Audience Question (Impromptu speaking)
  4. Animals selected by committee, assigned by drawing (try not to use exhibitor’s own animals)
  5. Each round in graded on a scale of 1-10 (8.5 allowable)
  6. Livestock Committee will select one judge to evaluate this event.
  7. All Scores added together, high score wins $1,000 Scholarship. Find Sponsor
  8. Ineligible to show after winning.