Department 504

Open and Youth Sheep

Superintendents: Laura Beth Poole- 540-290-5850

Please see General Livestock Rules     Click here for schedule and rules

  1. Sheep show is open to youth and adult exhibitors
  2. Initial bedding will be provided if available.
  3. Purebred Sheep must have registration papers
  4. Crossbred Ewes and Rams will show by weight
  5. Market Lambs will show by breed and weight, wethers must be healed. Youth Exhibitors Only.
  6. Ewes may be entered as both Breeding and Market- must pay separate entry fees
  7. Exhibitors are limited to 4 Market Lamb entries.


Entry Fees- $5/ entry (single and pairs), Late fee $7/ entry (single and pairs) no fee for group classes.

Premiums- 1st-$15, 2nd -$12, 3rd-$10, 4th– $8, 5th-$6, 6th-$5, 7th-$4, 8th-$3

See general Rules for Supreme Ewe, Ram and Market Lamb awards


Section A- Showmanship- see general Rules for Age Class


Class 1- Pee Wee Showmanship

Class 2- Junior Showmanship

Class 3- Intermediate Showmanship

Class 4- Senior Showmanship*

Class 5- Lead Line- Exhibitors shows in purchased or made wool outfit, sheep should have matching accessories (scarf, hat, etc.) provide a written description of outfit and exhibitor before sheep show begins.


Senior Champion Showmanship Winner will be eligible for Master Showman Competition on Friday.

Breeds: A- All Other Breeds- any sheep with registration papers

B- Suffolks

C- Hampshires

D- Dorsets

E- Southdowns

F- Crossbreds

Section B- Breeding Sheep


Class 6- Yearling Ram- Over 1 year, less than 2

Class 7- Senior Ram Lamb- September 1- December 31, 2016

Class 8- Intermediate Ram Lamb- January 1- February 15, 2017

Class 9- Junior Ram Lambs- February 16, 2017 and after

Class 10- Pair of Ram Lambs

Class 11- Champion Ram

Class 12- Reserve Champion Ram

Class 13- Yearling Ewes-Over 1 year and Under 2

Class 14- Pair of Yearling Ewes

Class 15- Senior Ewe Lamb- September 1- December 31, 2016

Class 16- Intermediate Ewe Lamb- January 1- February 15, 2017

Class 17- Junior Ewe Lambs- February 16, 2017 and after

Class 18- Pair of Ewe Lambs

Class 19- Champion Ewe

Class 20- Reserve Champion Ewe

Class 21- Pen of 4 Lambs- both sexes

Class 22- Young Flock- 1 Ram, 2 Ewes any age

Class 22- Flock- 1 Ram, 2 Yearling Ewes, 2 Ewe Lambs

Class 23- Breeders Flock- 1 Ram, 2 Yearling Ewes, 2 Ewe Lambs-   bred and owned by exhibitor


Section C- Market Lambs

Class 25- Market Lambs- ewes or wethers, designate breed

Class 26- Supreme Champion Market Lamb- chosen from breed champions

Class 27- Reserve Supreme Champion Market Lamb