DEPARTMENT 503        SWINE           

Superintendent:   Scott Buchanan 540-241-0517


Please see General Livestock Rules and Schedule    Click here for link

  1. Swine show is open to youth and adult exhibitors.
  2. Initial bedding will be provided if available
  3. Purebred Gilts must have registration papers and/or meet breed standards
  4. Crossbred Gilts will show by weight
  5. Boars will show by weight
  6. Prospect Market Hogs must be under 220 lbs, Youth Exhibitors Only
  7. Market hogs can weigh 220-300 lbs., Youth Exhibitors Only
  8. Gilts may be entered as both Breeding and Market/Prospect-must pay separate entry fees.


Entry Fees- $5/ entry, Late fee $7/ entry

Premiums- 1st-$15, 2nd -$12, 3rd-$10, 4th– $8, 5th-$6, 6th-$5, 7th-$4, 8th-$3

See general Rules for Supreme Ewe, Ram and Market Lamb awards

Section A- Showmanship- see general Rules for Age Class

Class 1- Pee Wee Showmanship

Class 2- Junior Showmanship

Class 3- Intermediate Showmanship

Class 4- Senior Showmanship*


Senior Champion Showmanship Winner will be eligible for Master Showman Competition on Friday.

Section B- Breeding Gilts

Class 5- Purebred Breeding Gilts

Class 6- Crossbred Breeding Gilts- Under 220 lbs

Class 7- Crossbred Breeding Gilts- 220 lbs

Class 8- Supreme Champion Breeding Gilt

Class 9- Reserve Supreme Breeding Gilt


Section C- Boars

Class 10- Boars – shown by weight

Class 11- Supreme Champion Boar

Class 12- Reserve Supreme Champion Boar

Section D- Prospect Market Hogs

Class 13- Prospect Market Hogs- Shown by weight

Class 14- Supreme Champion Prospect Market Hog

Class 15- Reserve Supreme Champion Market Hog

Section E- Market Hog

Class 16- Market Hogs- Shown by Weight

Class 17- Supreme Champion Market Hog

Class 18- Reserve Supreme Market Hog

Section F- Old Timers Showmanship

No pre-entry required, pay $5 entry fee at the gate, winner takes all.

Post 4-H and FFA aged exhibitors welcome.