Superintendent: Jamie & Bobbi Jo Wright 540-292-7469

Please see General Livestock Rules and Schedule    Click here for link


Beef Show is open to youth and adults.

Augusta County Fair will provide mulch bedding.

Cattle may go to Tie Outs, after 9:00 PM each evening.

All Feeder Steers must be dehorned, castrated and healed. Youth Exhibitors Only.

Youth may borrow Cattle being exhibited at the Augusta County Fair for Showmanship, please pre enter.


Entry fees- $10/ head or Cow Calf Pair, Late Entry $12.  If calf is being show separately, entry fee must be paid.


Premiums: 1st– $20, 2nd-$18,3rd-$15, 4th-12, 5th– $10

See general Rules for Supreme and Reserve Supreme Heifer, Bull, Cow/Calf Pair and Feeder Steer Awards


Section A- Showmanship- see general Rules for Age Class


Class 1- Pee Wee Showmanship

Class 2- Junior Showmanship

Class 3- Intermediate Showmanship

Class 4- Senior Showmanship*


Senior Champion Showmanship Winner will be eligible for Master Showman Competition on Friday.

Breeds- A. All Other Breeds- Any breed with Registration Papers

  1. Angus
  2. Charolais
  3. Chianina (Chi Angus)
  4. Hereford
  5. Shorthorn (Shorthorn plus)
  6. Maine Anjou (Mainetainer)
  7. Simental (Sim-Solutions)
  8. Crossbred

Section B- Heifers

Class 5- Spring Heifer Calves- January- April 2017

Class 6- Fall Heifer Calves- September- December 2016

Class 7- Summer Yearling Heifers- May- August 2016

Class 8- Junior Yearling Heifers- January- April 2016

Class 9- Senior Yearling Heifers- September- December 2015

Class 10-Breed Champion

Class 11- Breed Reserve Champion

Class 12- Supreme Champion Heifer

Class 13- Reserve Supreme Champion Heifer


Section C- Bulls

Class 14- Spring Bull Calves- January- April 2017

Class 15 Fall Bull Calves- September- December 2016

Class 16- Summer Yearling Bull- May- August 2016

Class 17- Junior Yearling Bull- January- April 2016

Class 18- Senior Yearling Bull- September- December 2015

Class 19-Breed Champion

Class 20- Breed Reserve Champion

Class 21- Supreme Champion Bull

Class 22- Reserve Supreme Champion Bull


Section D- Cow/ Calf Pairs

Class 23- Cow/ Calf Pair

Class 24- Breed Champion

Class 25 Breed Reserve Champion

Class 26- Supreme Champion Cow/Calf Pair

Class 27- Reserve Supreme Cow/ Calf Pair


Section E- Feeder Calf

Class 28- Feeder Calf- broken by weight

Class 29- Supreme Champion Feeder Calf

Class 30- Reserve Supreme Feeder Calf


Section F- Old Timers Showmanship

No pre-entry required, pay $5 entry fee at the gate, winner takes all.

Post 4-H and FFA aged exhibitors welcome.