Department 208 Youth Household Arts
Superintendent:  Betty Burke (540) 248-2316
Committee:  Debbie Grimm (540) 337-7293

Entries must be made by filling out the General Entry Form in this catalog and postmarked by July 22, 2017.   Please include all items you may want to enter on your entry form.  On entry day items can be deleted from the entry form but NO ITEMS WILL BE ADDED OR SUBSTITUTED AFTER July 22, 2017

 2017 Youth Household Arts Department Schedule

Tues., Aug.   1…………Entries will be received: 8:00am – 11:00am (Beam Bldg)

Tues., Aug. 1…………Exhibits closed for judging until 5:00pm

Sat., Aug.    5…………Exhibits released 8pm—9pm

Sun., Aug.   6…………Exhibits released 9:00am – 12:00pm


No passes will be given out to exhibitors in this department but exhibitors will be admitted free to place their entries.


1 This Department will be divided into the following age categories; Junior: 8 and under, Intermediate: 9 – 13, Senior: 14 – 19, ages are as of Sept. 30, 2017.

  1. All articles must be finished and ready for use either as a framed picture, a pillow, or a tray insert, article of clothing, etc.
  2. No soiled, stained or dirty articles will be accepted for exhibit.
  3. Pictures must be framed and ready for hanging.
  4. Small articles, such as doilies, must be mounted on cardboard.

All exhibitors of clothing must bring garments on hangers

  1. No exhibits will be released before 8:00 pm Saturday, August 5, 2015 or premium money will be withheld
  2. PREMIUM AWARDS: 1st – $3.00, 2nd – $2.00, 3rd – $1.00,
  3. Best in Show MAY BE awarded if the most outstanding in this Department


Section A – Needlework


General Appearance: Design suitable to materials; pleasing color/texture combination; cleanliness.

Workmanship: Neatness, suitable; practical method of construction; durable; practical.

Originality: Shows expression; flair

Class 1 – Candle wicking, Any Article

Class 2 – Counted Cross Stitch-under 12” X 14”

picture including frame

Class 3 – Counted Cross Stitch – over 12” X 14”

picture including frame

Class 4 – Counted Cross Stitch Pillow

Class 5 – Stamped  Shirt

Class 6 – Counted Cross Stitch Wall Hanging

Class 7 – Counted Cross Stitch Not Listed

Class 8 – Crewel, Any Article

Class 9 – Crocheted Afghan

Class 10 – Crocheted Baby Afghan

Class 11 – Crocheted Bed Spread

Class 12 – Crocheted Doily

Class 13—Crocheted Hat

Class 14 – Crocheted Household or Novelty Item

Class 15 – Crocheted Pot Holder or Hot Plate Mat

Class 16—Crocheted Scarf

Class 17 – Crocheted Tablecloth

Class 18 – Crocheted Item Not Listed

Class 19 – Embroidery, Machine Embroidery

Class 20— Embroidery—Hand Embroidery

Class 21—Embroidery—Pillow cases

Class 22 – Knitted Afghan

Class 23 – Knitted Baby Afghan

Class 24 – Knitted Sweater (Adult)

Class 25 – Knitted Sweater (Child)

Class 26 – Knitted Scarf

Class 27 – Knitted Item Not Listed

Class 28 – Machine Knitted Sweater (Adult)

Class 29 – Machine Knitted Sweater (Child)

Class 30 – Needlepoint, Any Article

Class 31 – Needle punch, Any Article

Class 32 – Quilted Casserole Cover

Class 33 – Quilted Pillow

Class 34—Pillow, latchook

Class 35 – Quilted Place Mat                    Class 40—Smocking, Garment

Class 36 – Quilted Potholder                   Class 41—Tatting, Any Article

Class 37– Quilted Wall Hanging             Class 42—Needlework, Not Listed

Class 38 – Rug, Hooked                            Class 43—Quilted Table Runner

Class 39 – Rug, Latchhook                       Class 44—Felting, any article

Section B – Clothing

General Appearance: Design in relation to fabric selection; color combination; originality; texture combination; neatness; cleanliness.

Workmanship: Cut on correct grain of fabric, choice and neatness of seams, hems; perfection of stitches and construction details, evidence of good pressing techniques.

Class 45 – Apron

Class 46 – Blouse, Adult

Class 47 – Coat, Adult

Class 48 – Coat, Child

Class 49 – Dress, Adult

Class 50 – Dress, Child

Class 51 – Jacket, Child                                               Class 62—Skirt, Tailored or Other

Class 52 – Jacket or Blazer (lined), Adult               Class 63—Slack—Adult

Class 53 – Jumper                                                        Class 64—Suit, Adult

Class 54 – Pajamas, Lingerie, Robes                        Class  65—Top, Adult

Class 55 – Pant Suit or Jump Suit, Adult                Class 66—Top, child

Class 56 – Party Dress or Formal                             Class 67—Vest, Adult

Class 57 – Quilted Garment                                      Class 68—Costumes

Class  58—Play Suit, Child                                        Class 69—Clothing, Not listed                                                               Class 59—Shorts or Capris, Adult                           Class 70—Embellished garment

Class 60—Shorts or Capris, Chld                            Class 71—Fleece Jacket

Class 61—Sundress

Section C—Accessories

Class 72—Purses                                                          Class 74—Scarfs—Fabric

Class 73—Tote Bag                                                      Class 75—Any Other