(Beam Building) 


Superintendent: Betty Burke (540) 248-2316

Baked Goods and Candies: Patti Campbell (540) 248-2395

Canned Foods: Patti Campbell  (540) 248-2395


Entries must be made by filling out the General Entry Form in this catalog and postmarked by July 22, 2017.   Please include all items you may want to enter on your entry form.  On entry day items can be deleted from the entry form but NO ITEMS WILL BE ADDED OR SUBSTITUTED AFTER July 22, 2017

2017 Adult Baking & Canning Department Schedule

Tues., Aug. 1 …………Entries will be received: 8:00am – 11:00am (Beam Bldg)

Tues., Aug. 1……….…Exhibits closed for judging until 5:00pm

Sat., Aug.    5…………Exhibits released 8pm—9pm

Sun., Aug.   6…………Exhibits released 9:00am – 12:00pm

No passes will be given out to exhibitors in this department but

exhibitors will be admitted free to place their entries.



  1. No exhibitors will be allowed to exhibit more than one products in any one class.

2  Product must be homemade and the handiwork of the exhibitor.  No unfinished work will be accepted. No shared recipes per entry.

  1. No product will be accepted unless there is a Section and Class covering it as listed in the Premium Catalog. Products entered in the “Not Listed” class or “Any Other” class must not fit in any class listed elsewhere in the catalog.
  2. The exhibitor is solely responsible for deciding on the proper section and class for his/her entry. Exhibits improperly classified will not be changed or judged.  The fair reserves the right to accept or refuse any exhibit.
  3. The fair assumes no responsibility in case of loss or damage to exhibits from any cause; and upon this condition only are entries received.
  4. Awards will be made on quality of workmanship and originality of design. All premium money will be paid from the awards as marked by the judges and not from ribbons that may be attached to the exhibits.  Judges are instructed not to award a premium or premiums unless article or articles are deemed worthy of the placing award.
  5. Refer to General Rules and Regulation in this catalog applying to all departments.
  6. No exhibits will be released before 8:00pm Saturday, August 5 or premium money will be withheld.

Exhibitor must retain duplicate part of entry tag to claim exhibit at close of fair.  No exhibit will be released without duplicate part of entry tag.

The fair will not be responsible for products remaining after 12:00 pm Sunday, August 6.

PREMIUM AWARDS:  1st – $3.00, 2nd – $2.00, 3rd – $1.00

          Baked Goods and Candies


All entries, except decorated cakes, in this division must be exhibited in clear plastic bags on white 6” plates .

All decorated cakes must be on a cardboard base not to exceed 13” square and must not exceed 12” in height, except Decorated Wedding Cakes.  Decorated cakes will be judged on decorating only; artificial forms may be used.

Section A – Breads

Entries shall consist of ½ loaf of bread, 3 rolls, 3 biscuits, 3 muffins, 3 sticks of cornbread, or ½ coffee cake or tea ring.


Appearance: Looks tender and good, even, golden brown color, good shape.

Texture: Fine, even grain, small, thin cell walls, light for size, crisp crust.

Crumb: Good color, slightly moist, light and elastic, and tender.

Flavor: Good, well-blended flavor, pleasing.

Class 1 – Banana Bread

Class 2 – Bread—Corn

Class 3 – Bread-Pumpkin

Class 4 – Bread-Sourdough

Class 5 – Bread–White Yeast

Class 6 – Bread-Multigrain, oatmeal, wheat

Class 7 – Any Bread Machine Made

Class 8 – Biscuits, plain, rolled

Class 9 – Biscuits (variation)

Class 10 –Muffins, plain

Class 11 –Muffins (variation)

Class 12 –Rolls, white yeast

Class 13—Rolls, whole wheat

Class 14-Rolls, other fancy yeast

Class 15—Rolls, cinnamon, sticky bun type

Class 16—Misc. not listed

          Section B – Cakes          Entries shall consist of ¼ cake or 3 cupcakes


Level or slightly rounded and uniform in thickness, light, tender, fine and uniform grain.  Slightly moist.  Icing – smooth textured, good flavor and appropriate to type cake.

Class 17 – Angel Food (uniced)

Class 18 – Applesauce cake

Class 19—Carrot cake

Class 20—Coffee cake

Class 21 – Layer Cake – Chocolate (iced)

Class 22 – Layer Cake—White (iced)

Class 23 – Layer Cake—Yellow (iced)

Class 24 – Jiffy cake (jello, pudding, etc.)

Class 25 – Pound cake (plain

Class 26—Pound (any kind, uniced)

Class 27—Pumpkin

Class 28—Red Velvet

Class 29—Sponge

Class 30—Decorated Cake

Class 31 – Cupcakes

Class 32 – Misc. Cakes Not Listed

                                                 Section C – Cookies

Entries should consist of 3 cookies



Shape – uniform size, not over 2” diameter

Color – Delicately browned

Flavor – Not too intense

Texture and Grain – Thin rolled, should be crisp; others, a fine even grain and somewhat moist.


Class 33 – Bar Cookies—not brownies

Class 34 – Brownies

Class 35—Blonde Brownies

Class 36—Drop Cookies—chocolate chip

Class 37—Drop Cookies—oatmeal

Class 38—Drop cookies—other not listed s

Class 39 – Refrigerater Cookies – sliced

Class 40—Rolled cookies, sugar

Class 41—Pressed cookies

Class 42—Shaped by hand cookies (peanut  butter, snickerdoodles)

Class 43—Decorated cookie

Class 44—Miscellaneous cookies not listed

                                                     Section D – Pies

Entries shall consist of ¼ pie or whole 5” pie.

No meringue or cream pie accepted.


Standards – Pie Shell


Appearance: Golden brown color, uniform, attractive edge free from cracks or breaks.

Tenderness: Cuts easily and holds shape without crumbling

Texture: Flaky, layered crust, crisp, not doughy.


Standards – Filling – Characteristic of its kind

Class 45 – Apple

Class 46—Blackberry

Class 47  Blueberry

Class 48—Cherry

Class 49—Mincemeat

Class 50—Peach

Class 51—Pumpkin

Class 52—Raisin

Class 53—Raspberry

Class 54—Rhubarb

Class 55—Pecan

Class 56—Miscellaneous not listed

                                                   Section E – Candies

Entries shall consist of 3 pieces



Smooth Consistency, free of crystals, characteristic flavor of candy type.

Class 57 – Fudge, white

Class 58—Fudge, chocolate

Class 59—Fudge, peanut butter

Class 60—Dipped or coated candy

Class 61—Peanut Brittle

Class 62 – Hard Candy (any flavor)

Class 63 – Molded chocolate

Class 64 – Sugar Free Candy

Class 65 – Misc. not listed

                                            Section F – Healthy Alternatives

This section is for people who are watching their food intake.  People with diabetes, allergies, heart smart, etc.

Class 66– Gluten Free, Sugar Free or Heart Smart Cakes (¼ cake or 3 cupcakes)

Class 67 – Gluten Free, Sugar Free or Heart Smart cookies (3 any kind, named)

Class 68 – Gluten Free, Sugar Free  or Heart Smart Pies (1/4 or whole 5”)

Class 69 – Gluten Free, Sugar Free  or Heart Smart Candies (3 pieces)

Canned Foods


  1. All entries shall be in regulation pint or quart jars, except soft spreads, which shall be in pint or half pint jars. Entries with rusty lids or not in regulation canning jars will not be accepted.
  1. Jars must be sealed with vacuum caps. No zinc lids or paraffin will be accepted.
  1. All exhibits musts be heat processed following current guidelines in the USDA Compete guide to home canning.
  1. Appropriate amount of headspace: Leave ¼” headspace for soft spreads, pickles and relishes; leave ½” headspace for fruits, sauerkraut, and tomatoes; leave 1” headspace for vegetables and meats.
  1. Product canned should be free from defects and blemishes.
  1. Product should retain its natural color as nearly to that of standard cooked product. Texture should be tender but not overcooked.
  1. Product pieces should be uniform in size and packed snugly but allow for circulation of liquids. Liquid should cover the product (keeping within headspace guidelines).  Liquids should be clear, free from cloudiness.
  1. Air bubbles should be kept to a minimum. Gas bubbles denote spoilage and are identified by bubbles rising to the surface when the product is stationary.  Any entry exhibiting spoilage will be disqualified and must be disposed of properly.
  1. No artificial coloring will be allowed.
  1. Any jar may be opened at the discretion of the judges.

Section H – Vegetables Standards

Natural vegetable color; tender; characteristic flavor.  Well ripened but not overripe; graded and sorted size.

Class 1 – Beans, Butter or Lima

Class 2 – Beans, Green Snap

Class 3 – Beans, October

Class 4 – Beets

Class 5 – Carrots

Class 6 – Corn

Class 7 – Mixed Vegetables

Class 8 – Peas

Class 9 – Sauerkraut

Class 10 – Soup Mixture

Class 11 – Squash

Class 12 – Tomatoes, whole

Class 13 – Tomato Juice

Class 14 –Vegetable Not Listed

Class 15—Spaghetti Sauce

Class 16—Group of 3 different vegetables   (must be exhibited in groups of 3 standard pint jars or group of 3 standard quart jars)

Section I – Fruits


Natural fruit color; syrup or liquid clear; tender, characteristic flavor.  Well ripened but not overripe; graded and sorted size.

Class 17 – Apples

Class 18 – Applesauce

Class 19 – Berries

Class 20 – Cherries

Class 21– Grape Juice

Class 22 – Peaches

Class 23 – Pears

Class 24 – Plums

Class 25 – Group of 3 different (must be exhibited in groups of 3 standard pint jars or group of 3 standard

quart jars)

Class 26 – Fruit Not Listed

                                          Section J – Meat

Class 27– Beef

Class 28– Meat Soup Mixture

Class 29– Pork

Class 30 – Poultry

Class 31 – Meat Not Listed

Section K– Soft Spreads


Pronounced and natural color; clear; no sign of crystallization; natural fruit flavor; tender, holds shape; should not be syrupy.

Class 32– Cherry Preserves

Class 33 – Peach Preserves

Class 34 – Pear Preserves

Class 35 – Strawberry Preserves

Class 36 – Tomato Preserves

Class 37 – Misc—Not Listed Preserves

Class 38 – Marmalade – any flavor

Class 39 – Apple Jelly

Class 40 – Blackberry Jelly

Class 41 – Cherry Jelly

Class 42 – Grape Jelly

Class 43—Mint Jelly

Class 44–Peach Jelly

Class 45—Pepper Jelly

Class 46—Plum Jelly

Class 47—Strawberry Jelly

Class 48—Misc. not listed Jelly

Class 49—Apple Butter

Class 50—Peach Butter

Class 51—Pear Butter

Class 52—Misc. Not listed Butter

Class 53—Grape Jam

Class 54—Peach Jam

Class 55—Pear Jam

Class 56—Plum Jam

Class 57—Strawberry Jam

Class 58—Misc. Not Listed Jam

Class 59—Sugar Free—any flavor

                                        Section L – Pickles, Relishes


Uniform size and shape; natural flavor, not over-spiced; firm, not tough or soft.

Class 60-  Beet Pickles

Class 61 – Bread and Butter Pickles

Class 62—Cucumber Pickles-Dill

Class 63—Cucumber Pickles – Sour

Class 64 – Cucumber Pickles – Sweet

Class 65 –  Mixed Pickles

Class 66—Peach Pickle

Class 67—Watermelon Pickles

Class 68—Pickles Not Listed

Class 69 – Corn Relish

Class 70—Pepper Relish

Class 71—Pickle Relish

Class 72—Relish Not Listed

Class 73—Chili Sauce

Class 74—Chow Chow

Class 75—Chutney

Class 76—Salsa

Class 77—Tomato Ketchup

Class 78—Barbeque Sauce

Class 79—Sauce, Misc.