Beam Bldg.

Superintendent: Betty Burke (540) 248-2316

Committee: Betty Burke


  1. All exhibits will be received Tuesday, Aug.1, from 8:00am – 11:00am. Exhibits will be closed for judging until 5:00pm. Aug. 1, 2017.
  2. See other departments for additional youth classes.
  3. All exhibits can be picked up Sat. Aug.5 from 8:00pm – 9:00pm or Sunday Aug., 6, from 9:00am – 12:00pm.
  4. All exhibits in this department are subject to the General Rules of the Augusta County Fair.
  5. This department is for any youth in the following age categories; Junior: 8 and under, Intermediate: 9 – 13, Senior: 14 – 19, ages as of September 30, 2017.
  6. Entries for this department should be made on the general entry form.
  7. Pillows – fabric only. All other (example:  cross stitch, latch hook, etc.) shall be entered under Dept. 208 – Household Art – Homemaking.
  8. 8 .  All poster projects (1 sheet only) regular size poster board 22’ x 28’
  1. No weapons allowed as exhibits (knives, etc)
  2. No exhibits will be released before 8:00 pm Saturday, August 5, or premium money will be withheld
  3. Entries exhibited before, may not be shown again (except for farm sets).

11 PREMIUM AWARDS: 1st – $3.00, 2nd – $2.00, 3rd – $1.00 Participation ribbons for all others

12 Nursery/Preschool entries:  RIBBONS ONLY

13 Best in Show MAY BE awarded if the most outstanding in this Department

Section A: Horse and Pony

Class 1 – Display of horse grooming equipment

Class 2 – Series of pictures telling story about horse or pony labeled

and brief description

Class 3 – Collection of toy or model horses labeled as to breed.  Exhibitor

responsible to set up.

Class 4 – Posters – Conformational faults and parts of the horse.

Section B: Pet Care and Training Project

Class 5 – Picture or set of pictures of youth and dog (labeled and identified)

Class 6 – Picture or set of pictures of youth and cat (labeled and identified)

Class 7 – Picture or set of pictures of other pet (labeled and identified)

Section C:  Reptiles and Amphibians

  Class 8—Any

Section D:  Caring for the Environment

Class 9—Recycling exhibit

Class 10—Rock collection (must be identified)

Class 11—Recycling or ecology poster

Class 12—Any not listed

Section E:  Entomology (All insects must be collected and mounted by the exhibitor this year)

Class 13—Display of single insect

Class 14—exhibit of 3 or more butterflies or moths

Class 15—Insect collection display (identified as to name, where found and date collected)  (1 single display)

Class 16—Poster Display of life cycle of an insect 

Section F—Forestry

Class 17—Collection of 10 leaves, identified, dried or pressed,

Class 18—Collection of 10 leaf prints, identified

Class 19—Any not listed

Section G—Wildlife

Class 20—Bird Feeder

Class 21—Bird House—small under 16”

Class 22—Bird House—large over 16”

  Class 23—Mold of animal track

Class 24—Wildlife scrapbook

Class 25—Any other not listed

Section H  – Hunting & Fishing

Class 26—Tackle box equipped by exhibitor

Class 27—Poster related to hunting or fishing

Class 28—Other hunting or fishing item by exhibitor

Class 29—Display of fish species, identification

Class 30—Any other item not listed.

Section I—Outdoor Meals

Class 31—Picnic baskets—with theme equipped by exhibitor

Class 32—Picnic item made by exhibitor

Class 33—Any other not listed

Section J—Health and Safety

Class 34—First Aid kit assembled by exhibitor for the home

Class 35—Any other not listed

Section K—Automotive Care

Class 36—Car Wash Kit

Class 37—Emergency repair kit

Class 38—First Aid kit assembled by exhibitor for car

Class 39—Any other not listed

Section L—Woodworking

 Class 40Bookends

Class 41—Clock

Class 42—Nail and tool box

Class 43—other wood item by exhibitor

Section M: Livestock:  Poster display of breeds

Class 44—Beef

Class 45—Sheep

Class 46—Swine

Class 47—Dairy

Class 48—Goat

Class 49—Rabbits

Class 50—Poultry

Class 51—Any other

Section N: Miscellaneous

Class 52—Collection (coins, arrowheads, etc…, 20 items must be mounted and  stationary)

Class 53—any other poster/display

Section O: Aquatic and Marine Science (made by individual)

Class 54—Any

Section P: Veterinary Science

Class 55—First aid kit for horses assembled by exhibitor

Class 56—First aid kit for dog or cat assembled by exhibitor

Class 57—Veterinary Science, any other

Section Q:  Model Crafts

Class 58—Model cars (plastic)

Class 59—Model cars (wooden)

Class 60—Model cars (other)

Class 61—Model planes

Class 62—Model ships

Class 63—Model rockets

Class 64—Structures (bridges)

Class 65—Structures (lighthouses)

Class 66—Structures (other)

Class 67—Dwellings (home)

Class 68—Dwellings (Indian log homes)

Class 69—Dwellings (other )

Class 70—Lego Model, Castle structures, one entry per exhibitor

Class 71—Lego Model, Space, one entry per exhibitor

Class 72—Lego Model “working” model, one entry per exhibitor

Class 73—Lego Model (not from a KIT) one entry per exhibitor

Class 74—Other Model crafts

Section R:  Home Environment (made by exhibitor)

Class 75—Pillow (fabric only—all other may be entered under homemaking)

Class 76—Stuffed Animals or Toy

Class 77—Display of 4-H ribbons or project books and awards

Class 78—Club achievement collection or display by an individual (Boy/Girl scouts, FFA, etc)

Class 79—Any other

Section S:  Youth Club Display  (Expo Hall)

All 4-H, FFA, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and other community service youth organizations encouraged to participate in the Youth Club Display contest.  The purpose is to educate and promote your club to the general public with a display that will be 4’ X 4’ X 8’.  Tables will be provided and displays do not have to be manned, but please maintain during the week of the fair.

A $25.00 premium may be awarded in each of the following categories per judges recommendation:

– most educational – best representation of your club

– best promotional        – most creative

Please use the general entry form to enter as a club.  Entry forms must be received by

July 22, 2017.

For more information please contact the fair office at:  (540) 245-5627

Section T:  Nursery/Preschool and Nursing Home


Section U: Rabbits (Cages must have leak proof tray).  Owners MUST remove rabbits after 7 pm on Tuesday (judging day).