Youth CRAFTS            Beam Bldg

Youth Exhibits:  Superintendent: Betty Burke (540) 248-2316

Committee: Lori Myrtle


Entries must be made by filling out the General Entry Form in this catalog and postmarked by July 22, 2017. Please include all items you may want to enter on your entry form.  On entry day items can be deleted from the entry form but NO ITEMS WILL BE ADDED OR SUBSTITUTED AFTER July 22, 2017.

2017 Crafts Department Schedule

Tues., Aug. 1…………Entries will be received: 8:00am – 11:00am.

Tues., Aug. 1…………Exhibits closed for judging until 5:00pm.

Sat., Aug.    5…………Exhibits released 8pm—9pm

Sun., Aug.   6…………Exhibits released 9:00am – 12:00pm.


No passes will be given out to exhibitors in this department but

exhibitors will be admitted free to place their entries.



This youth Division will be divided into the following age categories; Junior: 8 and under, Intermediate: 9 – 13, Senior: 14 – 19, ages are as of Sept. 30, 2017

  1. No exhibitors will be allowed to exhibit more than one article in any one class. Nursery or Preschool entries must be entered ONLY under that category.  (See Section N)

2.  Article must be homemade and the handiwork of the exhibitor and completed within the last year. No unfinished articles will be accepted.

  1. No article will be accepted unless there is a Section and Class covering it as listed in the Premium Catalog. Articles entered in the “Not Listed” or “Any Other” classes must not fit in any other class listed elsewhere in the catalog.
  1. The exhibitor is solely responsible for deciding on the proper section and class for his/her entry; exhibits improperly classified will not be changed or judged. The fair reserves the right to accept or refuse any exhibits.
  2. The fair assumes no responsibility in case of loss or damage to exhibits from any cause; and upon this condition only are entries received.
  1. Awards will be made on quality of workmanship and originality of design. All premium money will be paid from the awards as marked by the judges and not from ribbons that may be attached to the exhibits.  Judges are instructed not to award a premium or premiums unless article and articles are deemed worthy of the placing award.
  1. Refer to General Rules and Regulations in this catalog applying to all departments.
  2.  No exhibits will be released before 8:00 pm Saturday, August 5, or premium money will be withheld.
  3. Exhibitor must retain duplicate part of entry tag to claim exhibit at close of fair.
  4. No exhibit will be released without duplicate part of entry tag. The fair will not be responsible for articles remaining after 12:00pm Sun., Aug. 5.
  5. PREMIUM AWARDS: 1st – $3.00, 2nd – $2.00, 3rd – $1.00
  6. Nursery/Preschool & Nursing Home entries ( RIBBONS ONLY).
  7. Entries exhibited before may not be exhibited again.
  8. Best in Show MAY BE awarded if the most outstanding in this department. 



    Section A – Wooden

    Class 1– Wooden Bird House

    Class 2 – Wooden Animals

    Class 3—Any other item

    Section B – Flower Arrangements (made by individual)

    Class 4—Any item

    Section C – Basketry

    Class 5—Any item

    Section D – Decorative Painting

     Class 6—Any item

    Section E—Ceramics (made by individual)

     Class—7 Any item

    Section F—Dazzling Shirts

    Class 8—Studded

    Class 9—Painted

    Class 10—Appliqued

    Class 11—Any other

    Section G—Jewelry

    Class 12—Paper

    Class 13—Fabric

    Class 14—Beaded jewelry—single piece

    Class 15—Beaded Jewelry (sets 2 & 3 pieces

    Class 16—String Hemp

    Class 17—Wire

    Class 18—Polymar Clay

    Class 19—Any other

    Section H—Miscellaneous

    Class 20—Brown Bag Sculpture

    Class 21—Painted Glass

    Class 22—Fabric Picture Frame

    Class 23—Greeting Cards

    Class 24—Flags

    Class 25—What’s new (item made from recycled material

    Class 26—Brown Bag items

    Class 27—Article made of seashells

    Class 28—Stained Glass

    Class 29—Art of Paper Cutting

    Class 30—Rubber Stamped Art

    Class 31—Any other

    Section I– Wreaths

      Class 32—Christmas

    Class 33—Easter

    Class 34—Halloween

    Class 35—Thanksgiving

    Class 36—Any other

    Section J—Holiday

      Class 37—Holiday Place Mat

    Class 38—Christmas Stocking

    Class 39—Paper Tree Ornament

    Class 40—Bead Tree Ornament

    Class 41—Felt Tree Ornament

    Class 42—Plastic Canvas Ornament

    Class 43—Any other Tree Ornament

    Class 44—Christmas Door Decoration

    Class 45—Ceremic Christmas item

    Class 46—Christmas Table Centerpiece

    Class 47—Christmas, Any item not listed

    Class 48—Easter Door Decoration

    Class 49—Easter Centerpiece

    Class 50—Easter, Any item not listed

    Class 51—Halloween Door Decoration

    Class 52—Halloween Centerpiece

    Class 53—Halloween, another item not listed

    Class 54—Thanksgiving Door Decoration

    Class 55—Thanksgiving Centerpiece

    Class 56—Thanksgiving, Any item not listed

    Class 57—Valentine (Any item)

    Class 58—4th of July (Any item)

    Class 59—Spring/Summer—decoration any item

    Class 60—Fall/Winter-decoration any item

    Class 61—Party Favors (2)

    Class 62—Place Cards (4)

    Class 63—Gift Packaging (Any occasion)

    Class 64—Any other Holiday item

    Section K-  Leather Crafts

    Class 65—Belt

    Class 66—Wallet

    Class 67—Key Chain

    Class 68—Any other 

    Section L—Scrapbooking     (Hand done—can use professional and non-professional

    pictures)  Pages should have a PROTECTIVE COVER.  (Need to be bound in an ALBUM—loose pages not accepted.)

    Class 69—Travel

    Class 70—Family

    Class 71—Club organizations (Boy/Girl Scouts, 4-H, FFA, etc)


    Section M—Scarecrows

    Class 72—Handmade Scarecrow  – should be lovable and fun, not scary

    Section N—Nursery or Preschool

      Class 73 Any item (more than 3 entries must be displayed in binder or a display)

    Class 74—Round Bale Decorating

    Rules:  Decorating to be done on the grounds of Expo.

    Large hay bale to be provided by Augusta County Fair

    Placement to be determined by the Fair

    Entries need to be in good taste

    Materials placed so that none can be blown away by wind

    All materials to be provided by contestant.(Non-toxic paint ONLY)

    No more than 5 people per entry

    Fair is not responsible for any loss or damage to entry

    All work to be completed by 4 pm on August 1, 2017.

    Start time for entries is noon August, 1, 2017

    Only one first, second, and third place winner will be chosen from Adult and Youth entries. First Place:  25.00       Second Place:  15.00           Third Place 10.00