(Beam Building)

Superintendent: Betty Burke  (540) 248 2316

Committee:  Elizabeth Williams  (540) 248-1288


Entries must be made by filling out the General Entry Form in this catalog and postmarked by July 22, 2017.  Please include all items you may want to enter on your entry form.  On entry day items can be deleted from the entry form but NO ITEMS WILL BE ADDED OR SUBSTITUTED AFTER July 22, 2017

2017 Floral Department Schedule

               Wed., Aug. 2 ……………Enter exhibits 8:00am – 11:00am

Beam Building

Wed., Aug. 2……..……Exhibits closed for judging until 5:00pm

Sat., Aug.   5………..….Exhibits released 8pm – 9pm

Sun., Aug.  6……………Exhibits released 9:00am – 12:00pm.


No passes will be given out to exhibitors in this department but

exhibitors will be admitted free to place their entries.



The Horticulture and Design Divisions are open to any non-professional flower grower or designer.  Garden Club membership is not required to exhibit.

Only one entry may be made in any one class.  An exhibitor may enter as many classes as desired.

Horticulture is open to all ages.

No article will be accepted unless there is a Section and Class covering it as listed in the Premium Catalog.  Articles entered in the “Not Listed” or “Any Other” classes must not fit in any other class listed elsewhere in the catalog.

The exhibitor is solely responsible for deciding on the proper section and class for his/her entry; exhibits improperly classified will not be changed or judged.  The fair reserves the right to accept or refuse any exhibit.

Flowers must be arranged and ready for display when presented for entry.

Exhibitor’s name should be placed on the bottom of all containers.  The fair cannot be responsible for loss of or damage to containers or accessories.

Only judges and clerks will be allowed in the exhibition area during judging.  Judging in the Floral Department will be by merit.

There will be two divisions in Design (DIVISION I – Youth, DIVISION II  – Open).  The youth division will be divided into the following age categories; Junior: 8 and under, Intermediate: 9 – 13, Senior: 14 – 19, ages are as of Sept. 30, 2017

Refer to the General Rules and Regulations in this catalog applying to all departments.

No exhibits will be released before 8:00  p.m. Saturday, Aug. 5  Exhibitor must retain duplicate part of entry tag to claim exhibit at close of fair.  No exhibit will be released without duplicate part of entry tag.

The fair will not be responsible for articles remaining after 12:00pm Sun., Aug. 6.

HORTICULTURE – Division II – Open

Rules and Regulations

All specimens must have been grown by the exhibitor, and should be identified.

Container grown plants must have been in the possession of the exhibitor for not less than three months.

The fair may subdivide classes by cultivar, type and/or color at the close of entries.

No oiling, dressing or surface treatment of foliage is permitted.

A blossom should be in proportion to its stem.

More than one entry per class may be made by an exhibitor, provided each is of a different cultivar, type or color.

The exhibitor must furnish clear, colorless containers in proportion to size of the exhibit

prevent tipping) for cut specimens.  It is important to provide containers that have no letter or decorations to detract from the beauty of the specimen.  Cotton or styrofoam wedges may be used the in the neck of the container as wedging material for support of the specimen, if necessary.  Loose foliage is not permitted.  Stem must be visible for judging.

Length of each exhibit should be in accordance with the growth habit, but may not exceed 30” from cut end to tip of specimen.


An award for Best in Horticulture:  may be awarded to the exhibit of fresh plant material judged the finest in the entire division.  A Gift from JMD Farm Market & Garden Center will be given to the winner of the Best in Horticulture.

An award of Merit may be awarded to a blue ribbon winner in Section B – Biennials and Perennials.  A Gift Certificate from Andre Viette Farm and Nursery will be given to the winner of the Award of Merit.

A tree & shrubs award may be awarded to a blue ribbon winner in Section F – Trees and Shrubs.A Gift Certificate  from Steve & Mike Shreckhise shrubbery sales & landscaping

A Sweepstakes Award may be awarded to the exhibitor winning the largest number of horticulture blue ribbons.  In case of a tie, red ribbons will be used to determine the winner.  A Gift Certificate  from Milmont greenhouse will be given to the winner of the Sweepstakes award.


Youth Gardner Design Awards

Augusta County Fair will present a special award to the outstanding arrangement in each of the three Youth Gardener Classes.

8 & under—To Be Announced

9-13—To Be Announced

14-19—Gift provided by Andre Viette Farm & Nursery


Section A – Annuals

Class 1 – Aster

Class 2 – Angelonia

Class 3 – Balsam

Class 4– Celosia (Cockscomb)

Class 5– Cleome (spider Flower)

Class 6– Coleus

Class 7– Cosmos

Class 8– Dusty Miller

Class 9– Impatiens

Class 10-Impatiens –New Guinea

Class 11– Larkspur

Class 12– Lantana

Class 13– Lobelia

Class 14– Small Marigold

Class 15– Lg. Marigold

Class 16 – Petunia

Class 17  – Plumbago

Class 18 – Torenia

Class 19 – Salvia

Class 20 – Snapdragon

Class 21 – Sunflowers (small colored varieties)

Class 22 – Sunflowers (large colored varieties)

Class 23 – Sweet Potato Vine (Ipomeoa)

Class 24 – Verbena

Class 25 – Zinnia (large)

Class 26 – Zinnia (small)

Class 27—Any other annual

Section B – Biennials and Perennia

Class 28 – Astilbe

Class 29  – Black-eyed Susan

Class 30 – Coneflower

Class 31 – Coreopsis

Class 32 – Phlox

Class33 – Hibiscua

Class 34 – Yarrow (Achilea)

Class 35 – Gallardia

Class 36 – Delphinum

Class 37 – Shasta Daisy

Class 38 – Lilies

Class 39 – Any other Biennial or Perennial

Section C – Roses

Class 40 – Hybrid Tea

Class 41 – Miniature (single bloom – no side bud)

Class 42 – Any other Rose

Section D – Bulbs, Corms and Tubers

Class 43– Cannas

Class 44 – Dahlias (large flowered – grown disbudded)

Class 45 – Dahlias (small flowered – spray)

Class 46 – Gladiolus (solid color)

Class 47 – Gladiolus – Blends

Class 48 – Gladiolus – Miniature

Class 49 – Any other bulb, corm

    Section E – Container Grown Plants

No hanging baskets.  Maximum size of container is 10”.  Double potting permitted.

Class 50 – African Violets

Class 51 – Begonias (Tuberous)

Class 52 – Begonias (Any other)

Class 53 – Cacti

Class 54 – Mandervilla Vine

Class 55 – Ferns

Class 56 – Geranium (any)

Class 57 – Succulents

Class 58 – Impatiens

Class 59- Any other Container Grown

Section F – Trees and Shrubs

Exhibit must not exceed 30” from the tip of the specimen to the cut end but must be a minimum of 12” from tip to cut end.

Class 60 – Flowering Shrub (Butterfly Bush) (Buddleia)

Class 61 – Flowering Shrub (Crepe Myrtle)

Class 62 – Flowering Shrub (Hydrangea)

Class 63 –  Flowering Shrub (any other)

Class 64 – Any Berried Shrub

Class 65 – Any Broadleaf Evergreen

Class 66 – Any Needled Evergreen

Class 67 – Rose of Sharon

Class 68 – Any other Tree or Shrub

Section G – Displays

Class 69 – Window Boxes (must not exceed 24” in length)


FLORAL DESIGN:      Division I – Youth        Division II – Adult

Rules and Regulations

  1. Plant material used in design need not be grown by exhibitor.
  2. Accessories, bases and background treatment are permitted in all classes and must, if used, be provided by the exhibitor.
  3. The use of artificial plant material is prohibited.  Artificial accessories that promote the    theme may be used.
  4. Designs will be displayed on tables. Exhibits will be shown in a space 18” wide and 18” deep.  If a background is used,  the maximum is 40” tall and 32” wide and supplied by exhibitor.
  5. Each exhibitor may make only one entry. The design must have been created and placed by one exhibitor.
  1. Exhibitors must execute and place their own exhibit, youth without adult assistance.
  2. The fair representative will endeavor to protect all exhibits but can not be responsible for loss or damage to exhibitor’s property.


                                             YOUTH FLORAL DESIGN – Division I

Theme “Family Fun at the Augusta County Fair”

Section H –  (The designer may use any plant material)

Class 1—”My Country ’Tis of Thee” (age 8 & under)

Class 2 – “Everlasting Expressions” (age 9 – 13)

Class 3 –  “Nature’s Beauty” (age 14 – 19)





Theme—“Family Fun at the Augusta County Fair”

Section I – (Designer’s choice of material.  The designer may use any plant material.)

Class 1 – Create a growing design using a distinctive container”